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About Us

Hander Well Enterprise has produced standard machinery accessories for more than 50 years.

Founded by industry veterans with over 40 years of experience, Hander Well Enterprise provides high quality operating and control elements to companies throughout Japan, China, Asia, Australia , Europe and the United States.

In addition to providing standard parts for industry such as: crank handles, adjustable hand levers, revolving handles, adjustable handles, handwheels, knurled nuts , hand knobs, indexing plungers, indicating rulers, lock accessories and hinge accessories , we also offer customization service for buyers’ need.

The website collects various kinds of machinery accessories and industrial hardware. It's a necessary manual for your work. The picture and item No. indexes help you easily find out what you want. Our stocks can offer quick delivery. The products produced with our advanced technique make your production quick and economic.

Our product line include general handles series, such as revolving handles, fixed handles, retractable handles, cylindrical handles, gear lever handles, cabinet U handles,tubular handles, revolving handles series, such as different type of cranked handles, tri-ball handles, handwheels series, such as disc handwheels, bakelite disc handwheels, two-shpke plastic handwheels, control knobs, knurled handwheels, aluminum handwheels, pressed steel handwheels, bakelite three-spoke handwheels, adjustable handles series, such as adjustable hand levers, ST. steel adjustable tension levers, flat adjustable tension levers, clamping levers series, such as clamping levers, turret levers, tension levers, control levers, bakelite control levers, split hubs, hand knobs series such as hand knobs, star knobs, penetrated hand knobs, quick release hand knobs, bakelite three-arm knobs, bakelite ring hand knobs, bakelite lobe knobs, control knobs series, such as control knobs, scale rings, knurled nuts series, such as knurled thumb screws, ST. steel knurled thumb screws, penetrated knurled nuts, knurled nuts, wing knob nuts, flat knurled thumb screws, ST. steel wing nuts, clamping accessories series , such as indexing plungers, knobs with indexing plungers,cam action indexing plungers, ST. steel spring plungers, plastic spring plungers, double ended spring plungers, grub screws lifting eye bolts, machinery hooks, standard type adjustable seats, T type nuts, aseismatic seats, indicating rulers series, such as machine rulers, horizontal rulers, vertical rulers, indicator board, metric or inch stainless steel rulers, lock accessories series, such as waterproof flat lift-turn latches, compression latches, plastic cam latch, cam locks , waterproof cam locks, knocker shape cam latches, compression catch clips, slide latches, hinge accessories series, such as concealed hinge, torque hinges, visible door removal hinges, aluminum hinges, oil indicator accessories series, such as oil indicator push fit , oil level indicators, oil circulation sight, and column level indicators.

We thank you for your support, and look forward to serving you in the future.

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Our Service

Hander Well Enterprise upholds the core value of operation: 「Fast and correct service, stable and excellent quality」,From market research, research and development, mold opening, casting, processing, inspection, after-sales service and other one-stop production operations, it is absolutely effective in reducing costs and ensuring quality. There are five guarantees for all products of the company:

International quality certification guarantee:

The quality control of Hander Well Enterprise has passed the ISO 9001:2015 international quality certification system, and is inspected by the most stringent standards, so that customers can rest assured to buy and use, and the repurchase rate is extremely high.

Innovation R&D Guarantee:

Through continuous research and development and the efforts of professional teams, Hander Well Enterprise develops more efficient products, optimizes processes and technologies, and is always at the forefront of customer needs.

There are many types of standardized products and sufficient inventory:

Hander Well Enterprise always has sufficient inventory of standard and standardized products to meet the timely needs of customers at any time and deliver them to customers with the shortest delivery time. In addition, it can be customized according to the special needs of customers, providing professional technical consultation, reducing development costs, risks and time, and meeting customized needs.

One-stop production equipment:

The design, mold opening, casting, and processing of Hander Well Enterprise are all done by our company. We have high-precision production lines and assembly lines. We have a wide range of processing fields, especially precision parts that require turning, drilling, and milling processes, and various surface treatments. We provide both Accurate and in place service.

One-stop full-service:

Hander Well Enterprise provides a one-stop service, not only providing product sales, but also providing related technical services, know-how consultation, use training services and other series of services. Handway's all-round one-stop service combines to strengthen its own brand「」an unshakable position in the industry.